Our New Favorite Aunt and Uncle: Martha Stewart & Snoop Dogg

Our New Favorite Aunt and Uncle: Martha Stewart & Snoop Dogg

Last Monday night, I heard minds being blown across the country, and for once, it wasn’t related to the f-ing election (…that came later…damn.). It was Uncle Snoop and Auntie Martha and the premier of their new show on VH1 — Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. 

Anyone who doubted this unlikely partnership should immediately eat a plate of fried crow because the duo works. I found myself dazzled by the way that Snoop and Martha interact, the set design (currently thinking of a theme song for my own fridge), and pretty much the entire show. It was a unicorn adorned with sparkles and rainbows. In fact, I don’t think any of the night’s guests — Wiz Khalifa, Seth Rogan and Ice Cube — could believe what was actually happening in front of their eyes either, especially Cube who stayed bewildered

What I didn’t expect was Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party to be as funny as it is. The show is laughing with you, not at you, funny. And I’m not the only one laughing. I’ve been watching Martha on TV for years and I’ve never seen her laugh as much as she did on the first episode. That really made the queen of all things domestic appear to be extremely relatable. That is until she disclosed that she’d been struck by lightning on three completely separate occasions! Way to one-up the world, Martha.  

Having a fried chicken competition as the first episode was a strategic and smart choice since fried chicken crosses all cultures and demographics. As a judge from my couch, however, Martha’s chicken looked tastier than Snoop’s wings. And while I’ve never heard of putting crunched up chips on chicken before, I do know that brining chicken is a thing (shout out to Christopher Kimball) and it will make your chicken juicer. You can get the recipes for both dishes here

Like a good host, Snoop kept the flow of the night just right, starting with a CÎROC and Tanqueray-based cocktail called “The Laid Back,” which the audience immediately chimed in on. He even blessed the food with a rhyme over a gospel beat. And we loved the nod to the Obama Special at Roscoe’s, a place that’s near and dear to Snoop’s heart and many of ours. Here at HHE, we’re calling Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party “a good thing.”

If you missed the premier episode of Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, you can catch it on VH1.com. New episodes air on Monday nights at 10e/9c.